① Shotenkyo
There is promenade beautifully along beach, and, located at the west end of Kansai outstanding Long Beach for approximately 8km, Shotenkyo, Kazurano Beach beach featuring high transparency can enjoy the shore of sand bar representing gentle arc as walk course.

② The business magnate Inaba head family
We ran lighter business against a backdrop of wealth that we got in kojiseizo in the ground of this Kumihama in the Edo era and regenerated mansion of the Inabas who got colossal fortune by coast trade. Main building is country registration tangible cultural property.

③ Turnip and mountain
In turnip and top of mountain, Kabutoyama observation deck is maintained. Kumihama Bay and Shotenkyo to see from here and Japanese seascape opening to the north are superb views. There are athletic open space and campground, turnip with artificial shoreline and mountain Park and stylish restaurant.

④ Tango jersey ranch Milk studio sora
Cafe has milk studio which delicious sweets using fresh milk can taste inside by heart, and stone kiln pizza is sold on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. There is cute Jersey cow.

⑤ Kinoshita liquor store
It is a 160-year-old historical liquor store since its establishment in Tenpo in 13 years. “Sake soft cream” is very reputable as being very delicious.

⑥ Nyoiji
Seasonal flower blooms in the precincts, and Nyoiji of temple 25 places seventh bill place of Kansai flower in scenic spot where the sea (Kumihama Bay) opens at door front is famous as temple of “flower sermon”.

⑦ RAIMU Glass factoryp
How about trying to make earrings and brooches, wall mounted panels, authentic stained glass mirrors at affordable prices at stained glass workshops?
Please create your own original that no one has.

⑧ Hosomi factory
You can experience ceramics. After 20 days you will receive works you made yourself.

⑩ Kumihama Country Club
This is a full-fledged golf course. Golf can enjoy more beautiful scenery of Kumihama.