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Hamanoji-Rinkoan is located in the town of Kumihama on the shore of the Sea of Japan in the northernmost part of Kyoto Prefecture. Kumihama, which borders Hyogo Prefecture, is well known as a town where diners can enjoy the fresh bounties of the sea, including snow crab in the winter and oysters caught in Kumihama Bay in the summer. Just about a one-minute walk from the inn and lined by green pine trees, Shotenkyo, the Sanyo region’s one and only long, white-sand beach, is bustling with tourists every year. With its attractions including country-style recreation and country-style cuisine, Kumihama is an enjoyable destination for couples of all ages, as well as families. The inn’s staff’s hope is that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy the appeal of Kumihama, in Tango, Kyoto Prefecture, by coming here for an enjoyable, leisurely stay.

Arrive at Shotenkyo Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway.
Arrive at the station nearest the inn on the small, rumbling local train. The inn shuttle will meet you at the station, so let us know in advance when you will arrive.

The traditional Japanese atmosphere and jazz music in the background welcome you to the inn.

This private open-air bath offers a hot-spring bathing experience caressed by the sea breeze, to wash away fatigue.

Enjoy delicious dishes packed with the seasonal flavors of Tango.
The beautifully arranged dishes come in satisfying serving sizes. You’ll sleep deeply tonight after enjoying a day in Tango to the fullest.

Hamanoji-Rinkoan also offers a range of options that help couples celebrate important dates together. A day celebrated at an out-of-the-ordinary destination like this is sure to be a memorable experience. Choose from bouquets, flower arrangements, fresh cakes, and auspicious tai (sea bream) dishes. Be sure to ask about these options when reserving your room.

Our breakfast provides a healthy start to your morning.
This enjoyable breakfast features small pots of rice and other ingredients broiled right before your eyes. The delicious, unadorned tastes of Tango will rejuvenate your whole body.

Kumihama Station
This lovely wooden station is patterned after an old governor’s office. Bicycles are available to rent at the Kumihama Tourist Information Center inside the station.

Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (reception closes at 4:00 pm)
Rental charge: 400 yen/day (includes insurance)
Rental cycle stations: Kumihama Station, Food Shop Miuraya (in front of Shotenkyo Station), Shotenkyo Tourism Bureau

This restaurant is located inside the refurbished mansion of the Inaba family, who made their wealth in Kumihama during the Edo Period. Here you can get a feel for making pottery and incense, and enjoy the famous rice cake dumplings covered in bean paste and sushi bowls (charges apply).

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Nyoiji Temple, no. 7 of the top 25 temples landscaped with flowers in the Kansai region, is located on a picturesque spot from which the sea (Kumihama Bay) unfolds right outside its gate. With beautiful flowers that change from season to season, it’s famous as a temple where the priests often reference floral themes in their messages.